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Welcome to Fullerton IV Elementary

Fullerton is a neighborhood school of about 347 students.


Russ Bolin

Main office

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Our school is named after J. C. Fullerton, a member of the Roseburg School Board, Oregon State Senator from Douglas County, Circuit Court and County Judge. The son of pioneer parents who settled in the Canyonville area, Judge Fullerton was recognized by the Roseburg Public Schools with several buildings bearing his name. The first Fullerton Elementary was built in 1909 and later sold by the district in the location where the KPIC building is currently located. Fullerton II was constructed in 1938 on the site that is now Roseburg High School.  Fullerton II is now known as the Humanities Building at RHS. In 1951 Fullerton III was constructed.  It was soon damaged by the 1959 blast that devastated Roseburg's downtown and surrounding areas. The building was redesigned as the new Fremont Middle School. Fullerton IV was built in 1961 and has carried on a tradition of serving neighborhood students and families ever since. Fullerton IV has a rich tradition and excellent reputation as a great neighborhood school. The key to the success of Fullerton IV Elementary School is the staff's dedication to our students.

Our students benefit greatly from the good work of our many parent and community volunteers. They work daily to support and enhance the many programs that our students have available to them. Our Fullerton IV Booster Club is the best anywhere!


To provide all children at Fullerton IV School with a positive, secure, and uniquely structured environment in which to learn and to recognize that all children are capable of learning.


To be a school that ensures that every student can demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to become a caring and contributing member of our changing world.


  • All children have a sense of belonging that must be met.
  • All children are capable of learning at their own pace.
  • All children are unique and deserve respect and acceptance from everyone.
  • All children grow best in a caring and structured environment.

We welcome your questions, comments, and ideas because we know that parents who know and understand the policies and procedures of the school are more able to assist their children in achieving school success. Learning and teaching are top priorities that are most successfully carried out when parents are actively involved. Communication between school and home is important to a child’s development. We intend to keep you informed about your child’s progress. Please contact us with any information that will help us as we teach your child.